It gets murky…

Jay in suitIt’s not that I’ve forgotten you, sweet angel of mine, it’s that I just lost myself for a little while.  You’ve been there so strong and true.  Your arms swallow me safely and I’m grateful, so grateful for you.  I couldn’t even see your pain because I couldn’t see through mine – the deep dark cloud of despair.  I know it’s not forever, but at the moment, a day is a lifetime

For Jay, my nine year old son (at the time) who had to live with me being there, but not there, for nearly five years.  I remember just about nothing of that period of time due to the heavy medication I was on.  In the photo above he’s twenty 🙂


15 thoughts on “It gets murky…

    • Oh I think so too but I’m biased being his Mum lol 🙂 There’s a couple about him – Boy, Another song for Jay and Beauty Boundless (he’s a bubba in those ones and has put Gorgeous George in the warmer draw – and no, it wasn’t on! 🙂 George died when Jay was almost 20 so we had him a long time too…I miss my little furry friend 😥


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