Is a child molester worse than a child killer?

is a child molester worseI just want to clarify that without a doubt  – no form of abuse or harm, whatsoever to any living thing, is alright by me.  I spend most of my waking moments and my work towards protecting our kids and vulnerable populations like animals, the elderly and handicapped as well.  That was my whole focus for completing my Criminology degree – to be an advocate and a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.  With my psyche background, curiosity and life experiences I am led to many thoughts. Some I didn’t even know I would contemplate before I started my journey into crime and the criminal mind (as it were :)) I myself, have an analytical mind and like to have answers to things until there are no more questions left to wonder! And so with this in mind, I wonder if a child molester/abuser is worse than a child killer?  I think to myself at least the child is dead at the hands of the killer and not turned into the living dead by the pedophiles in the world?  My beliefs allow me to believe that the spirit of the murdered child will get a chance to return to the world if that is what existence means, but like I say – the child left alive is trapped in a living hell of self-doubt and self-flagellation/torture and that’s after the abuse has ceased.  Sexual molestation is usually a prolonged relationship – an ongoing grooming and manipulation in order to keep the secret and obtain what the predator wants.  Sometimes this goes on for years and is often times familial, or someone known to the victim, creating more guilt and a necessity for secrecy due to shame and embarrassment. So which is worse?  Either way the victim and their family suffers and never would or should anyone have to make a choice between the two, but I am curious as to others’ understanding of the actual offender. And I also believe that if we discuss things like this more, we will gain a greater understanding of the predator and how we keep our children safe… So back to my question whether the child molester is worse than the child killer?  Or are they just as bad as each other because whichever way you cut it, the life of the victim is taken away – physically or life as they should know it – but gone for good so that nothing is ever the same.


44 thoughts on “Is a child molester worse than a child killer?

  1. This has been an incredibly difficult piece to read and the comments even more difficult. I know that no one meant to insinuate that my life and lives of thousands of other sexual abuse survivors have no value or that we are destined to be irreparably broken but that is what some of these responses imply. Yes, my life can be very difficult and I have scars on my soul, but also have a full time job, a long term relationship, two great kids, was a social worker for twenty years and I have a voice that I try to use to help other survivors feel less isolated and silenced. I think my life has value. Even in my darkest moments I am so grateful that my voice was not silenced permanently and I believe that many others share this opinion. Be gentle kind people– do not further victimize me and other survivors of child sexual abuse by telling us that we are permanently damaged and will never be “normal.”

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    • I’m so sorry you have suffered. I too am a survivor. I totally agree with you and celebrate your victory in spite of these things. My question was not to imply that we are completely broken, definitely completely changed though. Some of the responses are not focussed on the perpetrators, which is where my question was directed. I apologize profusely for any pain or distress caused to you by this piece or any responses. I only mean for this blog to be an inspirational, supportive and helpful site. Thank you so much for commenting. Peace, love and light

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  2. As someone who has known/know women who have been sexually-abused, as “normal” as their adult-life may seem to outsiders, their life is far from “normal”. “T”, my 3rd wife, was her father’s “sex-toy” for about ten years, beginning in her early-teens. Yes, she married and raised a family, but even in her 50’s, she still had a “pay-for-play” mentality. If I gave her something, usually money, she gave me sex. No money, no sex. She had forgiven her father, but the abuse still marred her relationships.

    I met “J” on an internet dating site. She admitted that she had had “problems with dad”, had been sexually-abused. She had fallen in love in her mid-20’s, but her fiance died before they got married. She was still single in her 50’s. When we discussed married “sleeping-arrangements”, she told me that she couldn’t kick her dozen cats out of her bed, even for one night. Abuse still marred any attempts at a romantic relationship.

    “L”, my neighbor, was raped when she was quite young, and her mother had been the enabler. She married quite young, but that relationship was short-lived. She even lived with a man for a while, but it was never a “stable” relationship. She is in her late-40’s, still sleeps in pants and panties in her own bed, in her own home, and refuses to be examined by a male doctor. After her gallbladder surgery, when she came-to enough to know what was going on, she realized that her panties had been removed in the operating-room, and she went ballistic. I had to find a FEMALE nurse to come in and help her put her panties back on, even though she was covered by her gown, a sheet and a blanket. I could recount many more stories like that, and I have only known her for three years.

    From what I have observed, children who have been sexually-abuse DO NOT grow up to have “normal” lives, even if their lives may seem “normal” to an outsider. Whose who take the life of a child, whether through abuse or murder, do NOT “deserve” to live. Thus ends my rant.



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    • Oh Steve, thank you so very much for writing this! 🙂 I am more than happy to read your rants – any time! And totally agree – pedos need a bullet – the 35c solution is the only way to stop them. Blessings, love and light to you, thank you again for sharing 🙂

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  3. You are murdering the innocence of the child. Regardless if it’s molestation or murder, not only is the offender most likely repeating a cycle of violence from his or her past; but they destroying the child that was there before they were victimized. There are extreme cases like war and survival were a child is killed in self defense or others, but that’s different.
    For a murderer of a child or a child molester, there is something DRASTICALLY wrong with that person. They most likely NEVER got the help when they were children themselves. But once the act is committed, they have reached a point; which is beyond clemency.
    Their own atonement and self accountability is how they will live the rest of their lives…should they be spared. (But even then, there existence is no longer accepted in my book and considered a threat to society, indefinitely)

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  4. Child molester for me is worse. They put children in misery — even if it doesn’t manifest on the early stages. However, PTSD (if I am not mistaken) will occur sooner or later. The child has no way out of this misery; even when (s)he gets older and would eventually end up in therapy if they choose to. But then, both are still very wrong. And it breaks my heart seeing victims of this.

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  5. ” I think to myself at least the child is dead at the hands of the killer and not turned into the living dead by the pedophiles in the world?” “the child left alive is trapped in a living hell of self-doubt and self-flagellation/torture and that’s after the abuse has ceased. ” These two lines really grabbed me! There is more truth in these words than many will ever realize. But to me, even once the actual abuse ceases, the abuse continues – mental and emotional abuse, and in THAT sense, the abuse never stops. The murders take a life on one day – the molesters take the life over and over and over again every single day.

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  6. There are two perspectives to this issue. The first I’ll approach is the perpetrator. There is no cure for pedophiles. They are simply wired wrong and will continue to abuse children given the chance, so life in prison is the only sure way. A murderer could possibly be rehabilitated, though our justice system is becoming a for profit warehouse for criminals that doesn’t address this. From the perspective of the victim I would say that where there is life, there is hope. Many abused people end up leading fulfilling lives and find love and can mend to a degree. The human spirit is resilient. Though I agree they are never truly whole. My problem with this discussion is that it sits dangerously close to a slippery slope. One could interpret what is being said as: humans that are irreparably damaged are better off dead. I agree with you that all life is precious so I have a hard time with this sentiment. If one truly believes that a child is better off killed than abused, due to the irreparable nature of the damage, than wouldn’t the same be true of women who are raped, children born with disabilities or veterans with PTSD? You see the slippery slope dilemma. Maybe I’m digging too deep into this…I don’t know. My opinion is that alive is always better than dead, unless we’re talking about terminal illness and excruciating pain, and pedophiles need to be segregated from the population for life. (Sorry the comment was so long)

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    • Please don’t apologise! 🙂 This was why I posted this – and I think one of the big differences out of this is that having PTSD doesn’t make you force your PTSD on anyone else, being raped doesn’t make a woman a rapist (I use the female as this is the commonly referred to sex of rape – I know men are raped too but just to keep it simple) – I suffer incredible pain but don’t inflict that on my fellow man, a child born with disabilities doesn’t create another disabled – a paedophile does. I don’t believe they are rehabilitative either – and therefore I promote the 35 cent solution! 🙂 Warehousing paedophiles together is an appalling thought for me and why should the taxpayer pay for him to watch tv when somewhere a little kid can’t stand watching tv cos some freak made him watch cartoon porn before they messed with them…that’s just a simple example of the damage done. If we take your argument with regards to the paedophile and say well, let’s look at other damaged things that we will never use again and can’t fix – I think we throw them away! 🙂 Again, this is only my opinion and I can’t thank you enough for responding Eric! 🙂 Look forward to the next instalment!

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      • Thanks 🙂
        I, too, have a hard time with the idea of warehousing them. However, I’ve never been a huge fan of the idea of execution, as it seems hypocritical in most cases to say, “it’s wrong to kill, so we’re going to kill you,” but with pedophiles I would probably make an exception.
        Although there is statistical evidence that being sexually abused as a child leads to being an abuser…this is typically only around 12%. I guess my uneasiness is that it sounds like you’re saying that a child is better off dead than abused, so by extension…are you saying that if you found an abused child you would be doing them a service by using a 35 cent solution on them as well? Putting them out of their misery, so to speak? As well as eliminating the chance that they belong to the 12% minority who would later in life become a pedophile?
        I’m just trying to wrap my head around the full ramifications of this outlook.

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        • Oh absolutely not – no way do I advocate or implicate that the child should be “put out of its misery” – sorry if that is what you understood – no I mean the 35c solution is worthy of all evidence, fact-based proven paedophiles only! 🙂 I know, I feel the same about the death penalty but as far as paedophiles go, I fully support it. I even think a family member of the victim would like the pleasure of pressing the button/pulling the trigger etc and feel damn good about it. I have no sympathy for anyone who hurts the vulnerable. Unfortunately the statistics are not true – these are stats only based on the reported crime – how many of us told that that had happened or was happening to us? A very very small percent actually get to the police to be reported. So already there is this giant underneath of an ice berg of unknown statistics, the ‘dark figure of crime’ so to speak. A much larger percent of sex crimes are unreported due to facts like it’s embarrassing, their family has been threatened by the offender, they feel shamed or that they have done something wrong to bring this on themselves…it’s such a complicated offence – and delicate, any sex crime is because it is so very personal. But to clarify again, I only advocate (and strongly) for the death penalty for the paedophile – you can’t rehabilitate them – but you can rehabilitate the victim, hope that clears that up! 🙂

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          • Oh…ok. Yes, that makes perfect sense and I agree that the stats are not reliable. Thank you for the discussion. I took some psychology courses on violence and victimology and worked for a short time at a social agency that dealt with domestic violence and had a safe house, so this is close to my heart. 🙂

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            • Oh me too! This is why I write about it – it’s not an easy topic to put out there but I think we need discussion around this – I branched a little off track with my crim degree and also covered Critical Issues in Violence papers and suicide – also needs to be spoken about and opened up. At the police I covered everything and anything but spent 5 months compiling suicide research with data from the actual coroner reports – very depressing but was also super interesting. And this, child abuse is my biggest focus – any vulnerable population – animals, elderly, the handicapped/incapacitated and kids. Our poor kids 😦 So glad to chat Erich – wish we could save them all, blessings to you and thanks 🙂

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    • I absolutely agree with you. I think where there is life, there is hope and where there is hope, there’s the possibility of change.

      A child’s death is the end of it and yes, their pain will permanently effect them, but it’s the people who’ve over come the abuse that make the changes in the world to help protect others. There are too many people in my life who have survived and overcome these things to think that the world, or their world, would be better if the end of their torment was an immediate death.

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  8. Killing can never be right when it relates to children, I’m all in favour of the death penalty coming back. Abuse is just so much worse when the victims are groomed and abused by multiple adults. There can be no justification for this behaviour whether it’s carried out by a man or a woman. In my humble opinion anyone guilty of child molestation deserves to be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Life imprisonment should be the minimum term given to either child killers or molesters. No matter who they are as no one is above the law, not even the monarchy.

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    • I think in anybody’s eyes it is abhorrent, as I mentioned at the beginning of the article that no abuse or harm whatsoever to any living thing is ok by me. Unfortunately what one deems evil another calls necessary, what one calls necessary another calls extremist etc. So just as beauty is, so is evil – in the eye or the heart, of the beholder. It doesn’t make it right or acceptable, it just defines the fight.


  9. i’d venture a guess that the molester is far worst…a child’s soul goes to heaven…when a child is groomed/conditioned to “accept” the abuse it becomes very hard to get past it…AND often the victim ends up meeting/relating to abusers and the cycle continues

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  10. I completely agree. It’s like when you see an animal, slowly dying in agonizing pain, it’s better to kill it just to end it’s suffering. I think it’s much worse to suffer than to die.

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