Mother’s Day every day

My Mum and Dad in Queen St, Auckland 1956
I walk down the aisle
my eyes passing over cards
word springing out about
Mum going the whole nine yards
And I stop to read a few
The words just seem insipid
when I think of you, Mum
A journey into the intrepid
Four babies later and over 60 years married
Through wars, tonsillitis, tears and love you tarried
Now here I am
a mother too
And these words I say:
“I love you”
Have also come from my son’s mouth and heart
But to say them to you
doesn’t even begin to start
to express what a fantastic Mum you’ve been
You’ve done a good job, I’m a good human being
So I tell you you’re an amazing Mum and people are proud of the job you’ve done!

© Kait King, 2015


23 thoughts on “Mother’s Day every day

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  2. Lovely tribute to mums everywhere. Even though my mum has been gone these 30 years I still miss and love her. She did a wonderful job with all 3 sons, making us the tolerant, kind adults we are today.

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