My Love

my love

The days draw painfully long,

my love

without you in it

The night a torturous silence,

my love

when you are not in my bed

A meal for two,

my love

is now a punch in my gut

and I cannot eat a morsel

thank you,

my love

let me thank you for

a lesson learned

As I never would have believed,

my love

that I would never be with you

© Kait King, 2017

162 thoughts on “My Love

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  7. You are a beautiful soul. Life is an Infinite journey, in which we are blessed with infinite Soul mates, each on their Own Journey. The Selflessness of LOVE is realising we constantly GROW…….Every Soul is at a different point in their Journey.
    We will always have a strong connection to soul mates with whom we have been intimate, that is the whole reason You were drawn to each other. It is part of our DNA. We are Created to LOVE. To give Love Selflessly, expecting nothing in return. Love opens our hearts and Minds, we are no longer “insecure” in who we are. To Love is to KNOW GOD,You were born to SHINE, SO SHINE…….Have a beautiful Journey

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  8. Very moving my lovely dearest Kait. I can feel your anguish yet all that we are comes from all that we give. I learned that lesson and have grown because of it. Now comes a time when we are growing closer regardless of the miles and planet between us. I hope we continue to realise how much we need one another and how much we can grow together. Peace, love and a long, prosperous life filled with friends, family and love to you xoxo

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