Lest Someone Forgets

lest we forget

Why won’t you sing our song

We sing yours over here

Why don’t you whisper

our fallen’s names

Or don’t you really care

If blood alone had been spilt

Could you tell that blood apart

Or perhaps without the body

You could tell the difference

in their hearts

Why won’t you sing our Kiwi song

They fought as brothers in arms

They all fell in the same stinking hell

They deserve a name whispered

in the calm

© Kait King, 2015

22 thoughts on “Lest Someone Forgets

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      • So true. I also spare a thought for those who once were enemies as they weren’t all bad but the fallen deserve remembrance just the same. Especially the innocent fallen, in every conflict there are civilian casualties but between 1940-1945 there were 6 million killed for religious reasons. Seems funny that ethnic cleansing didn’t end in 1945. Sexual preference, sex, race or belief in a different section of a religion is never justification for killing.
        I thank goodness that my eyes are open to the horrors around me, my fellow man is important and all life matters. I believe that we were put here to get along with one another not to fight with one another.

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      • Yes, I think religion has a lot to answer for – it has been a controlling, fear-driven, paedophile-hiding industry – and I use the word industry as it is a business! Let me not start on this….(gritting my teeth) I will be frustrated and angry when I try to go night-night 😦 Surely if we were supposed to fight with each other, we would have claws or fangs or horns or tusks or some other weaponry built into us, like other animals that MuSt fight for food, territory, protection etc, – they also get protection like camouflage, scales, thick hides, shells etc – we are easily crushed, easily seen, easily chewed up and easily killed – it doesn’t seem like science and it’s not a maths problem – but we should leave it alone 🙂 there, I’ve had my say and I am ok…:))

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