Mother’s Day every day

My Mum and Dad in Queen St, Auckland 1956 I walk down the aisle my eyes passing over cards word springing out about Mum going the whole nine yards And I stop to read a few The words just seem insipid when I think of you, Mum A journey into the intrepid Four babies later and over 60 years married Through wars, tonsillitis, tears and love you tarried Now here I am a mother too And these words I say: “I love you” Have also come from my son’s mouth and heart But to say them to you doesn’t even begin to start to express what a fantastic Mum you’ve been You’ve done a good job, I’m a good human being So I tell you you’re an amazing Mum and people are proud of the job you’ve done!

© Kait King, 2015

32 thoughts on “Mother’s Day every day

  1. This put tears in my eyes and makes me miss my mom even more. She wasn’t the best mom but she did the best she could. Unfortunately I will never have the chance to tell her “I love you” again. Thank you for this amazing post.

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  3. Lovely tribute to mums everywhere. Even though my mum has been gone these 30 years I still miss and love her. She did a wonderful job with all 3 sons, making us the tolerant, kind adults we are today.

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