Cloudy days ahead

So my life goes on without you

every day I feel the pain

sleeping in our bed without you

sunshine just turned to rain

In your world do I take up space?

Am I somewhere in your mind?

Have I got a special place

even though you left me behind?

© Kait King, 2015

11 thoughts on “Cloudy days ahead

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  2. Kait, my dear Kait, why do you miss him so much, he was no good for you. I’m here for you 😎 always. Wonderful way to start my day, with a poem from you. Love as always my dear Kiwi, hope you’re keeping well and not really missing me too much 😉 xoxo

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  3. It hurts.
    It hurts that I can relate to your words so well.
    Oh, it hurts.
    It hurts like hell.

    You’ve done it again Kait.
    I love your work. It really does speak to me (and many others).

    Be well,

    (PS: Somehow I must’ve hit the unfollow button by accident, I just noticed I had to re-follow you again. I knew I was missing someone in my reader.) 😉

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    • 🙂 No problem but thanks for noticing I wasn’t there any more (not hard really, seeing as I’m always in everyone’s face!) :p And thank you again, you say the most inspiring things! 🙂 Take care out there

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