What’s wrong with you

mary bell

Mary Bell what the hell

at ten was inside your head?

To choke a little boy of 3

until he’s stone cold dead

And then to carve your name in him

the initials MB in his chest

Did you want everyone to know

that this work was your best?

I know your mother was a prostitute

and she did terrible things to you

And is she the one responsible

for making you into you?

Others have an even sadder tale

and are left with deep scars too

but others haven’t needed to kill

or do the things you do.

© Kait King, 2015


52 thoughts on “What’s wrong with you

  1. That brings back so many memories for me. She shouldn’t have been allowed out never mind be able to give birth to children of her own. Hindley and Brady were incarcerated for life so why wasn’t she? Or the two who killed poor Jamie Bulger. They are also out and one of them is a known paedophile, just because they were children when they killed makes no difference, they are a threat to children so don’t deserve freedom.

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  2. I love this poem. Psychopaths are born that way. Their brain wiring doesn’t differentiate between societal norms like being ok to eat cows but not humans. They live with different rules. A psychopath who is raised to see value in conforming to society will be a productive member, whereas a psychopath raised to see that there is no benefit to conforming (like her mother showed her) brings out the worst psychopathic behavior. Nice post. Author J.B. Snow

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    • Thanks – yes and what’s sicker is she is free today and has had her own child…go figure…must infuriate families when their own kids will never get to breathe again let alone experience family…

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