I Thought It Was You

I thought it was you -Picture of Heart

Something is missing

since we’ve been apart

A part is missing

Something has been lost

and I thought it was you

Since you’ve been gone

I thought that piece

was you

A part of me

has been missing

I truly thought

it was you

But when I look at

it closely

it was a part of me

you took –

I was missing,

not you

© Kait King, 2016

34 thoughts on “I Thought It Was You

  1. Oh dear, Kait what piece of you is missing? Tell me and I’ll replace it, lol. Beautiful, succinct and very poignant my dearest friend. It always feels as though a part is missing whenever a loved one isn’t around, you can always talk but it’s never the same as face to face. How is Jay doing in Australia? Is he going to make it home for Easter?

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    • Haha! 😁 Oh I think the pieces just drop off as you get older!! Jay is well and happy, thank you 😊He was over in March and will be back in June before heading to Europe with his Swedish girlfriend, he’s living the life lol! 😁 Much love dear Dave and take care xoxo

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