A broken me

a broken me

Lustful gaze

across a smoky haze

of a darkened bar


I don’t know

but a broken me

and a broken you

won’t do

I don’t have the strength

to save us both

and you just won’t know what to do

© Kait King, 2015

21 thoughts on “A broken me

    • It did for me as I decided not to give a shit which is totally opposite to being young and caring!😂 I think when you get older you tend to care less what others think and more seeking peace and harmony in your life…oftentimes it’s because you’re single and calm 😂😂

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      • It’s where I’m at now … evolved to a point of emotional consciousness and value in life refocused in peace (as you said). 😁 So true about being single and calm, too. It took me a few years (later) to come to that state. Deep investment in Self – worth, love, respect. I may burn incense tonight when I get home from work 😊

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      • Wonderful idea!😁 It’s not easy reflecting and then actually finding what you’re looking for and either being accountable for it and/or changing 🌻😊Let me know when you’re lit and I’ll do the same…synchronicity 🌄

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  1. Less Evolved / Hormonal-Lite / Always-A-Guy-speak here: Does Primordial Lust ever go away? I think we tend to dissuade it, though not very well. Whenever possible … Mask it. Epic Fail. Perhaps, control it – save it for later – on our best days. But, there it is every now and then … 🙂

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    • We do, we hide it and justify why with work, kids, life, religion etc etc….I just figured I was the common denominator in my failed relationships and put it down and stepped away!😁

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  2. See, that’s just being genuinely nice and caring about others, Kait 😊. I’d forgotten all about such things. As common as ever today (?) with the prevalence of Hook-Up Culture and online connections. I suppose we’re all feral cats if we’re let out unattended …

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    • I have skillfully compartmentalized one night stands into my brain ether….only to be unwrapped in moments of reflected horror and be scribbled about in dire warning to others!😂😂

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