It’s Just Life

it's just life

I am lying on my bed

it’s too hot

and the TV’s too loud

Yet the noisiest thing

is you in my


I can hear the washing machine

beeping and beeping endlessly

WTF is wrong with those things?!

I know I should

eat something but

I truly can’t be


it’s just food

it’s just money

it’s just love

it’s just life…

© Kait King, 2016

22 thoughts on “It’s Just Life

  1. Mine is menopause LOL I’m exhausted,can’t sleep,it’s too hot,i start sweating then it’s too cold,the music on the show is too loud-the voices to low,but I do find a safe haven as I silently send prayers up. I started my silent prayers when I was 6 because I was very sick all the time an I haven’t stopped even though I am rotten half the time 🙂 I still have silent prayers with Him anywhere and anytime. There is not one time I can say all my kids are finally on the right track, or everything in my life is running smooth because it is definitely not! But, He made me a strong woman,I get knocked down hard, but I get up. Time after time…Jen

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    • Lol! Oh yes….”man-o-pause”….ugh!!🙄😁 They say whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger but I could do without that!! I say whatever keeps you putting one foot in front of the other, especially if you’re suffering already! Do what makes life doable! All power to you!!🙂🙏


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