Somewhere Else…

Somewhere else

Sometimes I

feel like

my Soul is


trying to





at the top

of my skull



else I’m

supposed to


Let me





© Kait King, 2018


10 thoughts on “Somewhere Else…

  1. Yes, I feel like an alien (have done all my life really) so this resonates with me as well, Hope you’re keeping well Kait, and I’m supposed to be somewhere else because people here are mainly muppets with a death wish. At least your island locked down quickly and is slowly opening for business again, I just hope when the actors start returning they are checked over and tested for the virus before they are allowed to mingle with the natives (while following the guidelines for social distancing.)

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    • Hi Dave, I know what you mean. We need to fear stupidity too! Yes, we were really lucky here, most listened and we were successful in controlling the virus… so far!! And yes, lots of testing and tracing. You take care, love. Stay safe, stay vigilant 🙂🙏💙🌻

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      • I am still wearing a mask and gloves when out. Being incapacitated as I am, life has not changed that much for me as it has for others. Take care brother, stay safe out there 💙🌻🙂🙏 We’re going to get through this too…

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      • That we will my dearest Kait, keeping our heads down and not taking any risks because we can’t afford too. Stay safe, stay strong and please keep writing (poetry and prose both) because it would be a terrible loss to literature if you were to stop now 💙🌻🙂🙏

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      • Oh Dave, I do apologize love, I’ve only just seen this comment now. What a lovely thing to say my dear friend!🙏🥰 Stay safe, stay vigilant 🌻🙂💙🙌


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