The standing joke

Standing joke

It’s the joker they see

but they’re laughing at me

It won’t show where it really hurts

on the inside

So you’re the stand-up comic

but the joke’s on me

It won’t make any difference

‘cos what you say

is what they see

But when the bell rings

and your playtime is over

who will care and help you mend?

And when I need a friend

to stick to the end

the last person I’d look for

is you

© Kait King, 2015

38 thoughts on “The standing joke

  1. Very profound Kait. I find I’m always funniest when I’m feeling the worst. I wrote about that before. When I’m depressed, I’m cracking jokes. Makes me think of Robin Williams, I sobbed when he died.

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    • Me too love, it’s our way of not showing how vulnerable we really are. I was in a lot of pain yesterday, had a doctors appointment and joked my way through. Meanwhile I was breaking into a sweat and trying not to groan out loud. I was always the fixer, the stronger, the fitter and now I’m just broken. That’s why I keep “soldiering on “, it’s innate and I’m generally a private person until all of this writing business, a cave bear really -independent and strong. Now just broken and wrong… Peace, clarity and healing to you…no, to us!! 😀xoxo

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      • Yes to you!!! I wish I could take all this pain away!! I relate to everything you just said. I’m fine. I’m fine. Everything’s fine. Tell me your problems, let me fix them, it’s blissful escape. Your strength is beautiful. You’re the furthest thing from broken, and whatever cracks you have are “filled with gold” love love love to you and yours Kait! We can do this!!!

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    • Hi there 🙂 had a peek and had to find your writing…only because your site is not quite user-friendly yet! I’m sure you will get all the bits filled out, widgets widgetting, links linking etc and get stuck into the nitty-gritty of writing. The sooner you are up and flowing, the sooner people can find you and your story 🙂 welcome and enjoy! 🙂


      • Hey! Yes. I’m having a little trouble trying to figure it out. I set it up only yesterday so still getting a hang of it. Hope it happens soon.. thank you though. Hope you’ll enjoy my site (when I get the hang of it) as I enjoy yours 🙂

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      • I’m sure I will! 🙂 And thank you 🙂 I know, it is frustrating because I wanted to blog asap (never done it before until last year) and yet I had to do all this stuff to make it work! One thing I did learn is to read just about everything – only because I knew zilch! I learned as I went and when you mess up and dunno how to remove the glitch!??! That teaches you real quick! lol 🙂 Especially if it’s the wrong photo uploaded or not the words you wanted to say! Am here if you get stuck anyway, not the most techy person, but I can usually paint myself out of a corner ;))


    • Thank you 🙂 I’m sorry you’ve had to feel like that but I always remember those feelings – they remind me of who I don’t want to be but of who I may have been in the past – and the past stays exactly there – in the past 🙂

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