Covidius Insidious

Here comes

A virus

Here comes

A plague

Here comes

The UN


Der Hague

Here comes

Mad Max

Here comes

The Stand



Just a question

Of when

And death:

Is it 1 in 2

Or 1 in 4?

Or 6 out of 10?

Or even…


Here is

The second coming

See the

Novel mute



Sneaky death

A body

Down a chute


Gloves are

Snapping on


In demand

No one knows

This chaos

The world is

Out of hand

Kait King 20/03/20

16 thoughts on “Covidius Insidious

      • Kait, your welcome! I hope you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy too. I have been reading your poems this afternoon. They are helping me through this high anxiety that I am having. You helped me clear my mind from the fear, the not knowing, and the panic from not being able to stock up because nothing left to buy. I even read your poem to my husband. I did because it made me think back to last year, I wrote an essay for my History 100 course on the Black Plague from the 14th century. Since I love the arts, one of the main things I really researched and enjoyed was the art and poetry from back then. Well, as I was reading your poem I wondered if we would have that during this virus. I briefly considered another person centuries from now doing the same thing I did last year on the Black Death except it would be on the Covid-19 virus. It probably seems creepy for my mind to go there but it did. Thanks again for sharing it.

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      • Oh wow! Yes, what an awesome thought!🤯💙 I can see that happening centuries from now. Wishing you all the best with your studies…intriguing! Thank you so much for your lovely words, it makes it all worthwhile!🙏🙂

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