Rock Bottom

Rock bottom

I hit rock bottom

I sat on that bottom rock

weeds and roots tethered me close

and not in a Lovers’ Lock

Catatonic in my despair

broken like a car crash victim

I clutched at straws and sucked in air

feeling like I needed Lithium

Overwhelmed by what I’m not

broken by what I was

fighting what it has to be

a fallen star, a lost cause, tell it as it is

that old me will never leave

it’s a part of what makes me

my body may have let me down

but when I write – I’m free

© Kait King, 2015

22 thoughts on “Rock Bottom

  1. Ironically, I just started taking lithium and find myself worried if it was the right choice. I know, though, I have to stay the course. I have hope, though, that my dosage can stay low. My fear is losing the things that make me me, but I suppose I need to trust in the path I’ve set on.

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    • You do need to trust your decision, absolutely -or else don’t make one. But I think more than anything you need to trust your gut instinct. You do ultimately control what happens to you, you do get to choose and you have the power to change your decision too. Nothing is carved in stone and just s change in mindset can change your world. You know that, you’re living the metamorphosis!! Celebrate you, you know what you’re doing ☺ Sending you clarity, love and peace! 💟

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  2. Says so much about why you write, beautiful as always Kait. Here’s hoping that you can recover some of the loss you feel. Broken body but active mind can overcome just about every thing life throws at us. xoxo

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