My Love

my love

The days draw painfully long,

my love

without you in it

The night a torturous silence,

my love

when you are not in my bed

A meal for two,

my love

is now a punch in my gut

and I cannot eat a morsel

thank you,

my love

let me thank you for

a lesson learned

As I never would have believed,

my love

that I would never be with you

© Kait King, 2017

391 thoughts on “My Love

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  3. This was so accurate. I know that this poem was meant to be romantic, but it reminds me of my mother. She was my best friend. She took a piece of me with her when she passed.

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    • I’m so sorry for your loss. I just lost my mum on the 12th of July…It hurts. Eventhough she had reached an old age, nothing prepares you for goodbye. Big hugs to you and I’m honored you see yours and your mum’s relationship in these very words written from my heart, thank you 🙏🙂🌻🧡


  4. I appreciate this post a lot. During this pandemic it’s hard to feel connected with others, especially our close friends and family. Being lonely and feeling sad can be very disheartening but one thing that I love to remember is “God is love”, meaning we can look to him in dealing with our feelings and deepest emotions. Thank you and have a great day

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    • That is a very good question…and very often it is like being struck or a lightbulb going off and I must write it out. Life and its experience is my inspiration I think…🤔🙂🙏


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  8. your line “let me thank you for a lesson learned” leads me to believe that the narrator may have taken their love’s love for granted and hence the regret felt as a consequence. such a universal concept this is. i find these situations easier to cope with by accepting that abstract concepts charged with and driven by emotion, such as love, are not everlasting; at least with other humans because death will inevitably rupture that bond. only then are we free to love because when it ends, we can comfort ourselves in the notion that there’s more where that came from. it’s a paradox. so when the opportunity for love presents itself–LOVE–and when it ends, be grateful you had the honor of experiencing such a beautiful vulnerable intense feeling. and take that gratitude with you on to the next opportunity. thank you for sharing such a well written poem, Kait.

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    • Thank you so much for your comment. A very interesting perspective! Many believe the bond lives on after death. It’s a complex narrative depending on the spring board one is launched from. Perhaps the person was cheated on, or their lover just fell out of love with them. It’s all emotive of course, this is what people connect with and relate to. Thank you again for your comment, it is always fascinating to see how other people interpret what one writes!🙂🙏

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  9. I have a feeling…: I’m going to loooooove this blog. Keep it up. Wish I had 10 more pairs of eyes to speed up the time that it’s going to take to read up on all the poetry and lyrics. Much love, you’re great!

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