Are You OK?


No, I’m not OK

she said

And I didn’t know

what to do

But all she really needed

was someone to

talk to

Not everything is


or even wants to

be fixed, so

we learn to live with

special things

sometimes things we would

never show

some things are just too ugly

to let anybody know

© Kait King, 2016

66 thoughts on “Are You OK?

  1. So true.. It reminded me of this beautiful quote by Atticus – “We all wear scars, find someone who makes yours beautiful”❤️

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  2. I’m NOT ok today! I have a child that’s going through a fight with depression and without going into it, we had a pretty bad scare last night. for now things are better and she is sleeping but I’m a mess.

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    • Yes, sometimes I like to vent too – although this is usually in frustration or anger initially – which I realize ultimately comes from hurt or fear 🙂 Either way or any way, it’s often better to say something and communicate, than say nothing 🙂

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      • Yes, not communicating is like carrying a jar of acid inside you, that is slowly corroding you from within…. Of course, sometimes it can mean the end of a relationship/ friendship but still better than burning from within

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      • Totally agree, integrity and self worth should be corner stones of every individual but are increasingly rare these days… Glad to have found you and your blog, where I can reaffirm my faith in myself…. 😊

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