She is nothing like me

Nothing like me

Gingerly I type the words, wondering if I may be the only person who thinks like this. god’s daughter is turning out to be more appalling than horrific, more repulsive than disgusting. I can feel her like black tar in my mind. She calls me to write her out – to layer her like a black wedding cake, all the details – the spiders, the webs, the cockroaches, the mould and dusty aura of her mind. The corners of her life are all in shadow, a shadow I have to be brave enough to step into and feel the darkness that is god’s daughter. She wants to be created but she doesn’t want me – I am nothing to her, just like everyone else.

And she is nothing like me…

41 thoughts on “She is nothing like me

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    • We all have a part like this…some of us take a look and others hide, but it’s still there. Be afraid of everyone else out there, don’t be afraid of you….Peace, Love n Light 🙂🙏

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    • Time does not heal all wounds, there is no closure…time merely sands down the sharpness of the hurt but it will always be there…embrace it, it’s made you reflective, it’s made you a seeker, it’s shown you the light… you just have to walk to it. Peace, love n light 🙂🙏


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  3. It is scary to plunge in the darkness to create something similar. Kudos to you to have produced something of this sort. Your writing is full of intrigue. Right more please.

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    • Well thank you very much 🙂 That’s made my day!! Yes, it’s not always easy to write from such a dark place. I thought writing The 3 Little Piggies was bad enough, but that was from a typical serial killer perspective – god’s daughter is a little different and a little darker! (Crikey I hate to even think that that is even possible for my brain!) Thank you again for your lovely comment 🙂


  4. Being a horror writer sometimes takes you to crazy places. It’s important to remember that you can understand a character — even sympathize — without condoning what they do.

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    • 🙂 Ti hello and welcome! Oooo was that a Freudian slip…more likely to be read as fiend and not friend? 😉 lol – knew exactly what you meant. Big loves n hugs back, thank you x


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