If he hits you
He will hit your kids
He will kick your pets
He will break your stuff
He will fuck your world…


6 thoughts on “If

  1. No! He can break my stuff and I’ll walk away. He kick my pet? I’ll make sure to at least stomped on his feet. He hits my kids? He won’t get away with it. I’ll make sure to make him regret it before walking away.

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  2. Damit I hve to log into wordpress and have forgotten my old password. But wanted to say this is VERY good. Clear and hard hitting. It will inspire some to think and take action.
    I must find it on fbk (and I did heart it) and share it!!

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    • 😂haha! Oh you’re not alone on that one! Thank you so much for that, yes it’s time for change, a reality check, truth… #reflectandcorrect ❤🌻


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