My Mama Says


Mum says

they’re just jealous!

But it doesn’t

stop them

from treating me

like dirt

The teachers say

just stay away

which is easy

if I was invisible

or didn’t mind

getting hurt

© Kait King, 2015

48 thoughts on “My Mama Says

  1. It’s awful. Most kids go through it not realizing most kids around them are dealing with the same and they aren’t alone.

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  2. Really nice! It reminds me of victim blaming, where saying ‘they’re jealous’ means you’re better than them and this brings their attention, or ‘avoid them’ means, if you get in their path then you’re asking for it, but many adults do this without realizing the subtext.

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      • Oh Erich, I’m so very sorry to hear that! I found writing to be a great healing process – and this is not clutter. 🙂 I look forward to being able to read your journey of loss and the love you had for your father – I know it goes beyond all of this, that and words. My heart is with you at this sad time – sending you healing peace, love and light xoxo

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  3. This is really true. There’s a differene, almost a dysfunction, between the experience of the one being bullied and the perspective of an observer. This captures that notion perfectly 🙂 Keep up the good work!!

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  4. Kait, you’re the best. Robert shouldn’t worry about shouting down bullying whenever he finds it. Gun control is an answer to the deaths of innocents but not the solution. The solution is in the hands of the many to shout out against the bullies, name and shame them, Robert’s son deserved a life as do all of us. You touch so many and I thank you for that. Let’s rid the world of injustice and indifference one day at a time.

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    • Bless you Dave, you say the loveliest things!But yes, I believe in naming and shaming – it’s known to work! And what a huge job ahead of us – there is so much injustice in the world 😦 But one foot in front of the other 🙂 xoxo

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      • A journey of a thousand miles starts the same as a journey of one mile, with the first step. We have the right to speak out when we see injustices being done. I’m with you and Robert on changing things so we can know peace in this century. If Muslims, Jews, Christians and atheists can get along together in 99% of instances why not the other 1% as well?
        I have friends who follow different religions and accept that I follow none, as I accept their right to follow their chosen faith peacefully without fear. I will fight to preserve my right to live peacefully and am quite prepared to die to protect this. I have always stood up to those who pick on the weak, different and seek to destroy my way of life.
        I’m not willing to close the borders to achieve this, I would rather achieve it with love than hate but that doesn’t mean I won’t fight to protect the hard fought freedoms we have today.

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      • Beautifully said, and yes we have to focus on the one step at a time stuff- the burden is way too big for one or for one view. Robert has a hectic, highly pressured job with My Brothers’ Keeper and Not In My World – all day looking at the haunting faces and horror stories of those abused, wondering why it happens and how it is going to stop…Religion is another thing people fight, kill and die over, I totally agree with you Dave – hey whatever blows your hair back as long as it doesn’t hurt any one or any thing – it amazes me as I think of these choices as if someone would be angry with me because I choose to have fish instead of chicken – whose bother is that? I just make sure it’s free-farmed!! 🙂

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      • I’m totally in agreement with you. If 2 adults want to do things others think strange, such as live off the land and off the grid, why shouldn’t they? As long as no one else is involved and no one suffers let them go for it. Love is such a rare commodity these days, why not spread some around?

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  5. Strange how so long ago is so easily forgotten….
    Every television station reporting the unprovoked attack,
    The Money-Biased Media performing with each crack of Money’s whip,
    Not Fracking Today!!!!
    Obama telling of the evil guns,
    The Stupid Lemmings follow along and take up the chant,
    No one with guts to tell the story,
    But not this day….
    For the story was told,
    As the gun tracked toward another,
    Their cries for forgiveness too late,
    But the evil media,
    Didn’t record the last dying words,
    For the script was already written,

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      • I suppose you noticed the beginning of “Standards…. I Have Not Yet Begun To Write”.
        So many must believe I write with no basis, or the truth hurts, or they just do not care.
        That was my son, the rest of the story.
        And what of Dark Justice….

        OH, can I list your link on me site…. sorry Kait, I got carried away.

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      • No problem and thanks Robert – much appreciated! I know that that is not true – you can’t write without a basis when you have so much passion and it’s your son – that has the most worth 🙂

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      • Kait, maybe I misused a word with “basis”, but it has been an uphill battle since day one on G+, they are the one’s that made me notice, and first use the word “indifference”.
        Much to my dislike, I have come to realize that the greater part is not indifference.
        And you, of course, realize why I do not talk about him, it was out there before I knew it. I will guard better.
        No problem???? Control your enthusiasm Kait…. lol

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      • I think it’s the medication – feeling no pain lol 🙂 Maybe it should be out there? Then you don’t have to guard, protect, watch what you say etc? Just being the devil’s advocate 🙂 Take care out there!

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      • Kait, I wouldn’t be doing what I feel is right if I didn’t say what I feel.
        I’d be lying if I said I didn’t worry about it, but it’s just the way it is, just the way it has to be.
        If I help 1 Child, it will have been worth it.

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      • That is the goal – even just ONE child is all worth it – we never give up, crusaders for justice and the safety of our kids – that’s just the way it is and has to be – it’s our job, our purpose, our calling 🙂

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      • I have no idea why you should feel guilty – but ok and can I use it to my advantage? 😉 Just kidding! But I can’t mind as I have no idea what I should mind about – whatever it is I don’t mind :)lol

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