A broken me

a broken me

Lustful gaze

across a smoky haze

of a darkened bar


I don’t know

but a broken me

and a broken you

won’t do

I don’t have the strength

to save us both

and you just won’t know what to do

© Kait King, 2015

24 thoughts on “A broken me

  1. Beautiful Kait.

    2021 has begun well for me – just published my first book – 4 Pillars of Abundant Life

    I wish and pray that 2021 is great for you too. Do check out the book Kait 😊

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  2. Two broken things can’t work together to fix anything. Every man with his own hands must fix his own problems before he can be useful to another. It’s true that ‘a broken me and a broken you won’t do.’

    Love this.

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    • It did for me as I decided not to give a shit which is totally opposite to being young and caring!😂 I think when you get older you tend to care less what others think and more seeking peace and harmony in your life…oftentimes it’s because you’re single and calm 😂😂

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      • It’s where I’m at now … evolved to a point of emotional consciousness and value in life refocused in peace (as you said). 😁 So true about being single and calm, too. It took me a few years (later) to come to that state. Deep investment in Self – worth, love, respect. I may burn incense tonight when I get home from work 😊

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      • Wonderful idea!😁 It’s not easy reflecting and then actually finding what you’re looking for and either being accountable for it and/or changing 🌻😊Let me know when you’re lit and I’ll do the same…synchronicity 🌄

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  3. Less Evolved / Hormonal-Lite / Always-A-Guy-speak here: Does Primordial Lust ever go away? I think we tend to dissuade it, though not very well. Whenever possible … Mask it. Epic Fail. Perhaps, control it – save it for later – on our best days. But, there it is every now and then … 🙂

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    • We do, we hide it and justify why with work, kids, life, religion etc etc….I just figured I was the common denominator in my failed relationships and put it down and stepped away!😁

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  4. See, that’s just being genuinely nice and caring about others, Kait 😊. I’d forgotten all about such things. As common as ever today (?) with the prevalence of Hook-Up Culture and online connections. I suppose we’re all feral cats if we’re let out unattended …

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    • I have skillfully compartmentalized one night stands into my brain ether….only to be unwrapped in moments of reflected horror and be scribbled about in dire warning to others!😂😂

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