A Tortured Soul

Tortured soul

I know I’ve never loved

anyone, anywhere

in any way even

close to the way

I love you

I’ve never hurt

anyone, anywhere

in any way

more than I’ve tortured myself

about you

© Kait King, 2015

20 thoughts on “A Tortured Soul

  1. I love your voice Kait! You eloquently use your words to portray such deep emotion! My heart aches to think of what you must have gone through to so beautifully understand that pain. I overall loved you poem!

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    • That’s exactly right Dave, thank you – I find writing very cathartic, besides the fact that I’m not much good for anything else at the moment lol! 🙂 I have had purpose all of my life and suddenly it feels like that was taken away. But like “they” say, it must be for a reason and so far that reason is writing 🙂 Blessings, love and light my dear friend xoxo

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    • I hope you soon find some happiness so that you will then be able to write beautiful poetry and stories because of the happiness you feel.

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      • Like day there is night,
        Like black there is white
        Good and bad I both write 🙂
        My words are bred from understanding, compassion, empathy, life and experience – I’m sure you will find there is much more to me than just this poem 😉 Also I think beauty is more than aesthetics, sometimes it is the lack of perfection or satisfaction that creates the best experience! And I must clarify too, that they are not all about me, but my understanding or empathy of those experiences, which is often what writing is the expression of 🙂 Writing is a thing that does make me happy too – it always has 🙂

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