13 thoughts on “A Universal Sickness

  1. We are selfish. Very. There are Good people who selflessly fight and lose a lot of their own maybe in the process. But they are too few tgan the cowards indifferents and perpetrators put together. May we help up in long run.

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  2. Because we don’t care, we suffer. When we care we are happy. That’s the hopeful perspective for possible change and I think there is a gradual increase in awareness already. But it is so important to further learn, practice, and share. Thanks for sharing!!:-) all the best!

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    • I agree for me, and obviously you too – caring and helping make me feel good but I don’t think everyone feels like that. Unfortunately we don’t all see or feel the same needs, wants, desires or contentment. I hope I’m wrong. I just see many following money at the risk of everything else, values have changed and all earthlings are jeopardized because of one kind – Mankind…
      Thank you so much for commenting, hearing from you inspire conversation and thought, thanks again! ☺

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      • Thanks a lot for your comment. There is a difference in between the individual and group level. All people have a potential ‘good’ and ‘dark’ side. It is the “irrational” group and societal behavior that needs to be addressed, because currently, it rewards a one-sided competitive capitalism, which is exploiting people and the planet, as you say, in a dangerous way. Other values than money could be emphasized more and perpetuated for the benefit of all. People will follow as they socially learn, but maybe some more destruction needs to happen to make this path more apparently a more human, attractive and politically feasible one. Role models creating awareness and examples are key in that process. In that sense, thanks for your work too, like your recent post https://kaitkingthewriter.wordpress.com/2017/04/03/monetize-me-or-dehumanize-me/

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      • Absolutely, and yes we have placed value on shiny things instead of real things. I can only hope for change. It’s good to find like-minded people! 😊 Thank YoU!


  3. It’s even more shocking when you consider how enough is produced to feed and clothe everyone on this small planet but no-one wants to because it would reduce profits for the elite. We need to stop and look around at the grief we are causing, war and hate have had their time. Let’s give peace a chance to heal the broken, feed the poorest and provide them with an escape route. Feed them now while giving the children opportunities to learn, educate those old enough to earn what it means to feed and clothe themselves. We can do it together so let’s try.
    Love and peace Kait xoxo

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