Anyway, Any way

Anyway Any way

I so wish

I could have

been a better mum

But he still loves me


I see the photo

next to me

Colors blue and grey

you and I

Not much to spend

but time

and he still loves me


I feel I may have

failed you in

too many ways

to count

In spite of that

you are a beautiful


and you still love me,


Kait King 16/7/2018




26 thoughts on “Anyway, Any way

  1. So true. As a mother now myself I can feel this guilt. As a daughter, I can say that it wasn’t the quantity I longed for, but the quality time. And it isn’t always just the parents who gave unconditional love… children too.

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  2. I have a friend who studied child psychology and she said there is a school of thought known as the good enough mother. Basically, it means that if you get your child to the age of 18 and they’re still alive, then you’re doing well. I like that school of thought because then everything I do that’s feels like a bonus 😂

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