The Unknown

The unknown

And confusion rages

like a winter storm

pushing through my

veins and there’s nothing

I can think

Although there is plenty

I could do

But the storm is

blinding and vicious

And I’m thinking of

my life

Like between a rock

and a hard place

And no, I’m not trapped

I’m not unhappy…

with right now

As the ever-bleeding

heart I’m eased

into the terror of

the unknown

It’s not a bad dream

If it was I wouldn’t know if

I really want to wake up –

Does this just mean for me

that it’s time to face reality?

© Kait King, 2016

29 thoughts on “The Unknown

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      • Time’s reality is definitely the key player. As they say, a split second can make a huge difference…. sometimes all you have is a split second. And yet the impact in time of that second is immeasurable… It can be good or go real bad. Time is our dictator maybe?


  2. Personally speaking, your poems really make me read twice and sometimes thrice. And I do. Because if I don’t get the meaning of anything that I do, I can’t sleep properly, even if it is a poem. Keep making me read your poems multiple times. Ha. Love them. Cheers and live well.

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  3. sometimes reality comes to us like stream hurts us inside,but what we can do.that’s why they call it reality without bluffing

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