Damn you, Dementia…

Mum at Kai Iwi Lakes, January 2019

You’ve watched me

Grow up

I’ve watched you

grow old

And I speak for you


When I used to do

As I was told

Your face is

Still the same

And your eyes…

They sometimes


But your words

Are lost on me

And you

You don’t want me

To go…

I kiss you

Many times

Touch your face

And hug you


You ask me

Where my Dad is

You’re shocked

When I say

He’s gone…


The light

Kait King 2019

19 thoughts on “Damn you, Dementia…

    • I’m so sorry for the loss you’re experiencing… I know I must face the same some time 😔💔. People say she’s not my mum anymore, but she’ll always be my mum. The hardest part is when she asks why my dad isn’t visiting her or there…and I must tell her that he has passed away nearly 6 years ago. Very sad. Thank you for reading and again, I’m sorry for your loss. As I say, you don’t die, you get upgraded!😊🙏🌻


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