The Slavering Beast

13ghosts bipolar schizo

He could see

and feel

a slavering beast

He could smell it’s


see it’s sharpened

yellow teeth

It wanted him

to do

bad things

It felt like the

Devil with Hate

Not his usual state

of being

but any Angel

with wings

was going to be too late

It said that nobody



two shits

And do everyone a


Go ahead

slit your wrists

Kait King 2016

15 thoughts on “The Slavering Beast

  1. Oh wow, so it’s not just me who feels the beast within raising doubts, teasing and pushing me to end my worthless life. Kait, you have such a way with words my very dearest friend love and peace always xoxo

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      • 👍😄 it started with a bittersweet moment, I said goodbye to a mentor who left work yesterday but he’s off to bigger and better things so the week can only progress now love peace and light to you my very dear friend and I hope that summer helps to ease the aches and pains xoxo

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      • 😮Oh that is a bummer… Good to have people like that at work. They make the days go faster!☺ Some times they can be the only reason to turn up 😊Wishing you a beautiful rest of your life (it was gonna be ‘week’ but I thought what the hell let’s splash out 😁)
        Peace, love n light always xoxo

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      • Ah, thank you Kait, work needs people who are not only different to “the norm” but who brighten up everyone’s day with their Joie de Vivre. Hope you enjoy the rest of your life too! Remember though that today is the first day of that time, lol. Keep as pain free as possible and enjoy time spent productively xoxo

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      • Thank you! 😊 Yes, every time I wake up I look at it as a new start ☺ Summer is slowly creeping in. You must be feeling the chill in the air!!😯 Take care, love n laughter to you dear Dave xoxo

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      • My bones and joints feel really bad this time of year. Anyhoo enjoy Summer when it arrives Kait, thinking of you relaxing on a beach somewhere makes it seem less cold here somehow lol xoxo

        Liked by 2 people

      • Haha! Oh that is a shame and I know exactly what you mean about the cold – my nerve damage lets me know too! I am patiently waiting for Summer to arrive but she is just hiding stage left or right….either way she is not fully present yet 😦 But that’s ok because she will stay later too then 🙂 Keep warm and safe 🙂 xoxo

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