For me: “Acceptance is an attempt at freedom”

© Kait King, 2015

17 thoughts on “Acceptance

  1. Acceptance – If only there were more of it many lived would be so much easier.
    It all eventually leads to the evaluation of self-worth.


    • Oh no, I wish I could tell you yes, but definitely not 🙂 It is “Freedom”, by La-Chapeliere-Folle, it just expresses what I wanted to portray perfectly! And thank you 🙂 You may recognize the artist by some of the better known drawings – absolutely beautiful and whimsical! There’s lots on google images 🙂

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    • Oh if only it was that easy – and you may say it is! But when a girl has one life for all of her life but now a girl must accept the cage she never knew existed….the change is radical…my acceptance, sadly, not….But I am a fighter! lol, and I won’t give up at least trying 😉 – to accept my life as is, that is….

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