iPad or iCare?

ipad icare

We teach our kids

to have a smaller phone

a faster car

a bigger home

We teach our kids

to take what they can

Never mind if you stomp on


animal or


Little do we know

the devastating result

will be that human life on Earth

will grind to an abrupt halt

© Kait King, 2015

49 thoughts on “iPad or iCare?

  1. Wonderful! So true. All want,want,want… it doesn’t matter the cost to the planet or pockets. Then children and adults too want the next toy or electronic gadgets with no idea how much raw value material has gone into making it.

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    • Nothing like the outdoors for kids. Jay was the same, but had a huge interest in bugs and animals. He would sit for ages watching a Praying Mantis and catch flies to feed them, and spiders! Putting the fly in the web and waiting for the spider to do its thing! He protects the environment now, so it can’t be a bad thing! 😁 Love the joy you are feeling in the simple beauty of your clan, it’s a beautiful thing 😊


  2. We always teach kids to be rich when in reality, they should be taught to be happy. Happiness is the most important thing in a person’s life.
    How do you write so prolifically?? I’m in awe! 🙂

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  3. I think this ugly behaviour helps spawn beautiful people. For there are those few that when they see such horrid things are motivated to be the polar opposite. From the dirt do flowers grow 🙂

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