Why Restraining Orders are Useless…

restraint orders

Would it not be reasonable to think that an individual who ‘requires’ a restraining order, is the type of individual who would break a restraining order?

Kait King 2017

10 thoughts on “Why Restraining Orders are Useless…

  1. Absolutely! In the same way that the type of person who zips through the petrol station in the U.K. without paying, more often than not doesn’t have insurance. They just don’t have the same internal boundaries or perhaps one would call them morals as the rest of us.

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  2. It provides the victim(s) legal protection and enforcement that may not otherwise be provided without it, including children, and creates precedent, a compelling argument in some self-defense cases. Many filing know the order itself is like an invisible gate but there are many cases where simply creating the gate is enough. We know thieves intent to steal break locks yet we still lock our doors, and for some, a gun under the bed is their restraining order.

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    • Oh absolutely, with a BA in Criminology and having worked in the police I recognize the safe percentage. My problem is the serious ones I dealt with and saw first hand. Being a writer I tend to pick the extreme end of a topic to express myself, unfortunately the other side is not so interesting! Thank you so much for your insight and comment, it’s very much appreciated πŸ™‚


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