2. Don’t Ever Assume That….

Just because 2

2. Just because you write, your long sentences are effective…

16 thoughts on “2. Don’t Ever Assume That….

  1. So true. One good look at some of my older drafts, and my head spins. I have also noticed it on wattpad and other sharing sites. I have even seen it with some indie books –Great idea fellow writer, but so many run on sentences. I think this is a common thing for newer writers. One tries to be descriptive. One tries to think these sentences have flow. What one doesn’t know, is it becomes droll and can distract a reader from the story. I still do this in drafts, but that’s why we always revise and self edit.

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    • Absolutely! It’s crucial to revise and edit several times, not just once. It’s all a part of finding out what draws people in and then keeps their attention. I do the same when I look back at drafts. Sometimes I just go through and start putting fullstops/periods everywhere to break it up and tell a better story, hopefully!😁 Thank you for your commentπŸŒ»πŸ™πŸ™‚


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