Break my heart, why don’t you

Break my heart

Break my heart, why don’t you

I know you didn’t choose to leave

I don’t see you anymore

and it’s hard to believe

you’re not here

with me


I can’t hear what you say

your words are in the way

I know what you really mean

It is me

that you

don’t want to be seen


Break my heart, why don’t you

you’ve not told me what I want to hear

You’ve spoken to me and for you

it’s crystal


But I keep hanging on

hope makes you all mine

but somewhere in my lonely heart

I know you

will fade in


Β© Kait King, 2016

32 thoughts on “Break my heart, why don’t you

  1. Every memory remains intact, every heartbeat of yours I heard, every breath you take I still listen to hear you exhale again. Oh Kait my dearest, why do you hurt so when you know I love you and will drop what I’m doing whenever you call out for me. All I ask in return for my love is a smile to let me know you’re on the mend, pain receding and joy filling your heart again xoxo

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