Suicide – sometimes it’s not a choice, it’s the only option

I was reminded to clarify this, by a comment and I thank you; this is how it feels to the person who is so broken they can’t see any future or hope. Of course there are so many more options than suicide, but to the suicide victim there is not.

22 thoughts on “Suicide – sometimes it’s not a choice, it’s the only option

  1. I used to believe it was the most selfish thing a person could do but as I grew older and wiser I came to understand that I have no right to judge someone else’s life (or death) choices. We are all so fragile.

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  2. It isn’t the only option, but on the mind of one at this mindstate this may be it. It’s sad, but people don’t understand. Why is one suicidal. I don’t talk from experience, I was once a cutter, but it was because that pain was better…. anyways. I never been at that level, but I understand it. I also understand how they need something else. Something is missing. If anyone needs an ear, I am here. You’re alive for a reason. Don’t, please. YOU HAVE A PURPOSE. .

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