My Love

my love

The day draws painfully long,

my love

without you in it

The night a torturous silence,

my love

when you are not in my bed

A meal for two,

my love

is now a punch in my gut

and I cannot eat a morsel

thank you,

my love

let me thank you for

a lesson learned

As I never would have believed,

my love

that I would never be with you
Β© Kait King, 2017

610 thoughts on “My Love

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    • I do support the refugees internationally. I pray for your safety and send you strength and hope. I’m so sorry ghis is happening to you. The world can be a very cruel place.


      • It’s my pleasure to hear from you like I told the situation in kakuma Refugee Camp I very worse as well the places is a fully of homophobic as well thanks luck of food , medical services and other basic needs thanks

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  5. Just think of it this way, you are only another heartbreak away from finding your happily ever after.. things are tough, but you’ll see the light. Your poetry is well done. I rate a big fat 10.. follow me if you want to stay updated on my self healing journey on fighting addiction πŸ’›πŸ€

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    • That’s so hopeful, I love it, thank you! I have basically discarded any hope for this kind of love, I seem to be the common denominator in my failed relationships!πŸ˜„


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  9. This write-up reminds me of my days of distress. You write beautifully and have perfectly brought out the way you have portrayed such a tough situation in just a few sentences.
    I am looking forward to read more such beautiful pieces of art and reminisce on my days of loneliness.


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  18. Really, I got A heart Break
    But , he Knows It Was for All good,
    Still picking Up pieces From the Broken β™₯ Love We gave to each other, Dont know, but still we miss each other
    Just like a lover
    Dont Know……..
    I remember years ago
    Some one told me
    I should take
    Caution When it comes
    To love 😍 Love
    I didn’t But, And now
    I’m Feeling how it
    Should Felt
    I’m not Wrong ,,
    But, everyone’s pointing to me, But still ,loves Him

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