Having the Freedom to


I don’t want to just

be friends any more

If you’re not going to try

I can show you the door

I’m not very good at

laying the blame

I don’t want to play

that dangerous game

I just about burst

when all I want to say

when I look into your blue eyes

is “I love you” every day

I just want us both to

be allowed to be free

for me to be in love with you

and you

crazy in love with me

Kait King 2017

54 thoughts on “Having the Freedom to

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  3. Woooow, I could have written this ( I’m just not as poetic!) it’s hard not knowing where u stand. Wanting to leave but not knowing if that’s the right thing to do

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  4. this is awesome, your very poetic i love how those ideas in your mind come through writing. I just love person with a heart of writing those feelings they felt. I feel it your very expressive in writing. This is a BEAUTIFUL piece of art, lovely

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