I wouldn’t kill myself but…

This was written when I felt empty and numb, void of joy or gratitude…the height of my depression

I know

We’re all dying


I don’t really care

Personally I can’t


To get the fuck out of


Kait King 2019

24 thoughts on “I wouldn’t kill myself but…

  1. Kait, there is something oddly comforting in these words. I love that you share this side of yourself. It’s good to know others go through these feelings even when we feel so all alone. We are all in this crazy human thing together. xo

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    • I so understand. It’s ok, you’re not alone….it’s depression, it’s cold, clinical, empty and numb. I’ve felt like this for years…I feel like I just don’t belong in this craziness. Big big hugs, you will get through this. I write it out all the time, sometimes I publish it and other times I’m just not ready to share. One day at a time, remember the better ones and sleep through the bad ones (I don’t mean physically, although that’s what I do in my situation). Be kind to yourself πŸ™

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