The Unwanted

the unwanted

With a new non-smoker righteousness

you glare at all of me

I’m vulnerable, I’m open

Don’t you want to hold all of me?

Will you curse the shape of my body

or my heart

my spirit

my dream or

perhaps just all of me

Your love that I

need so desperately

makes you dislike me


I am but a child

I didn’t ask to be born

But please, can you not hug me,

feed me –

keep me warm?

© Kait King, 2015

48 thoughts on “The Unwanted

  1. I also don’t believe in rehabilitation of pedophilia because it’s more than a sexual preference. It’s a compulsion and an incurable illness. I’ve also heard that molesting a child is a stress response for pedophiles and others who enjoy preying on the small, weak, and trusting. No one is guaranteed a stress-free life, so what does that mean for the little children who cross said person on a bad day? Childhood is so incredibly short, and I DESPISE it when these perverts crush it prematurely. Even if they opted for castration, the sickness remains.

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    • Yes it does. Castration doesn’t work as the largest anc most intrusive sexual organ is the brain. Maybe we need to find a lobotomy type solution to just stop that part of the brain. Or be able to genetically identify these problems and remove before born maybe? Sounds awful but who wants to parent a paedophile, a rapist or a serial killer? What would we do if we had the choice to know? Crazy interesting topic, thank you for joining in!🙂🙏🌻

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