What’s wrong with you

mary bell

Mary Bell

what the hell

at ten

was inside your head?

To choke a

little boy of 3

until he’s stone

cold dead

And then to carve

your name in him

the initials MB

in his chest

Did you want everyone

to know

that this work

was your best?

I know your mother

was a prostitute

and she did terrible

things to you

And is she the one


for making you

into you?

Others have

an even sadder tale

and are left with

deep scars too

but others haven’t

needed to kill

or do the things

you do.

Β© Kait King, 2015

68 thoughts on “What’s wrong with you

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  2. I wasn’t previously familiar with this case, but what a disturbing one. I think being a victim of abuse sometimes does influence someone to be abusive himself/herself, but, at the same time, is not an excuse. Interesting poem as always.

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    • Very disturbing…at only ten…sad. No, there’s no excuse. I feel like justice was not given to these 2 little boys now she is free and has kids??? Crazy world…crazier justice system failures. Thank you!πŸ™‚πŸ™πŸŒ»


  3. That brings back so many memories for me. She shouldn’t have been allowed out never mind be able to give birth to children of her own. Hindley and Brady were incarcerated for life so why wasn’t she? Or the two who killed poor Jamie Bulger. They are also out and one of them is a known paedophile, just because they were children when they killed makes no difference, they are a threat to children so don’t deserve freedom.

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    • I totally agree with you! Jon Venables applied to be released under another name over here in NZ – as if our child abuse stats aren’t bad enough without that added to the mix…he was refused but eeuuurgghh…that we would even contemplate it! Makes my blood boil!

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      • He shouldn’t be allowed to live anywhere near decent people, the first person on Mars sounds good to me. Send all 3 of them there and see if they can colonise it with limited food and water, although that’s really more than they deserve.

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      • Haha! So true!! That two such empty souls could come together at the age of ten and do that to a 3 year old and think it was ok to do….tragic and scary. I imagine if they hadn’t got caught…:((

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      • The thing that gets me angry is that the justice system saw fit to give them such lenient sentences for such a horrendous crime – I watched Crimes that shook Britain last night and they wouldn’t even describe what the two did, it was so disturbing. I have read about the case though, and those two needed to spend time in an adult prison where other inmates knew what they did. That would have been an education for them. And a half decent punishment, as well. The fact that so much money was spent to give them new lives and identities … sounds like something the Australian justice system would do. And our system is based on the British system. Bunch of bleeding hearts.

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    • I thought Hindley was released eventually? Or maybe I’m thinking of someone else. Probably Homolka. I think there was a judge or barrister who went in to bat for Hindley, sucked in by her sociopathic bullshit to think she was capable of rehabilitation. As for Venables and Thompson, they are two pieces of absolute human garbage who should have been forced to spend at least ten years in an adult prison. It scares me to think that they have new identities and people with young children could be living right next door to one of them and not know it.

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      • Hindley did indeed convince someone (I think he was a judge) to go to bat for her but she died in prison. There are still some of her and Brady’s victims whose bodies have not turned up and with both of them now dead they never will. Shame as the families deserved closure.


  4. I love this poem. Psychopaths are born that way. Their brain wiring doesn’t differentiate between societal norms like being ok to eat cows but not humans. They live with different rules. A psychopath who is raised to see value in conforming to society will be a productive member, whereas a psychopath raised to see that there is no benefit to conforming (like her mother showed her) brings out the worst psychopathic behavior. Nice post. Author J.B. Snow

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    • Thanks – yes and what’s sicker is she is free today and has had her own child…go figure…must infuriate families when their own kids will never get to breathe again let alone experience family…

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