A Survivor


Hi everyone

I’m calling myself A Survivor – this will enable me to be as honest as possible about my experience with suicide and I guess rape too, as this was the reason why I felt so ashamed and unworthy to be alive and walking around on this earth.

This isn’t going to be easy or pretty but I will tell my story as best as I can. Β If I can prevent or deter someone from actually completing a suicide, then I can die a happy person – but not via suicide! πŸ™‚

Welcome all and I hope we can have some really meaningful and open discussions about suicide and all of the strings attached. Β Sometimes it just helps to talk and I am here for exactly that.

Peace, love and light peeps – don’t beat yourself up, don’t let yourself down – just take a breath and believe in yourself.

A Survivor


19 thoughts on “A Survivor

  1. Being a veteran and having experienced suicide through my own personal mental health and being diagnosed with PTSD I can relate to you in some ways. You are a warrior, and to write a paragraph like you have which is so personal shows a lot of character. You’re very strong with a good heart. Thanks for sharing, keep being you and I hope you find peace and solitude within your own mind. If you have a read of my own poems, you can see the battles I had and still do. Best wishes, keep well.

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  2. It is a brave thing to do and it definitely is cathartic. What is awesome is how many strangers empathize or sadly, can relate to your story. We are not alone and I believe way more women are sexually abused than they realise. Time to take back our power, our bodies, our truth!

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