Holiday Plans

holiday plans

You stand there

not knowing what to do

you can’t believe the Police are here

surely this isn’t true?

A blue light spins around the room

you can see the body

shadowed by gloom

It’s all surreal but what you had to do

If you hadn’t grabbed that knife

the body would be you

You look down at your shaking hands

oddly think about how free you are

to meet

your holiday plans

He can’t really be dead – why haven’t

they called an ambulance?

And again you realize …

that you are here…

just by chance
Β© Kait King, 2016

22 thoughts on “Holiday Plans

  1. Kate, HI, long time no talk with you….
    I lost My Little Brother Kate, and it has almost eaten me alive…
    Kate, I have someone I want you to talk with, she is a very driven Lady as yourself, and she has asked me for my input as far as the career she is pursuing, you can most probably guess by the name of her Blog; The Broken Chain Blog –
    I asked her to come by, her name is Ms Dufrene.
    Thaank You so very much Kate, and I will start reading others work again.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Robert
      Oh I am so sorry to hear that! It’s so hard to let someone go home without you…But I know you know that he is now painless, free of earthly bindings and so joyful to watch over you and his family. I believe they are always with us. Strength and comfort to you my friend.
      I look forward to meeting Dufrene when she’s ready. Always a pleasure Robert, take care out there πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

      • Kate, you are such a Blessing, and an Angel.
        You have always been one of My Heroes, selfless people are very special.
        But after visiting your blogk the first few times, I couldn’t help but cry along with you when you were hurting, and attempted to cheer you up, but I never knew how to pick you up.
        But Kate, you have picked me up more than a few times, although never from this far down, and Kait, I remember who I told you I wanted to meet across the River….
        Kait, I was flabbergasted when she approached me, you know that when you work by and in the sewers, you don’t expect compliments. Although when I heard the line of work she wishes to pursue, I gave her all the heads-up possible, and suddenly I knew there was only one person I knew….
        You are a very Special Lady.
        Hey Kate, can I run “The Secret Password” story again????


      • Oh please do Robert. Use the Secret Password as much as you can. I wish every parent knew! I would love to connect with your friend. Please forward my email address, if she would like to touch base πŸ™‚
        I see the same in you dear Robert. We are warriors, we fight for injustices to be rectified. We fight for love and kindness. We fight for peace and understanding. And so we will continue as there is no choice to stop speaking out and fighting for our children and our children’s children. You’re doing an incredible job Robert. Never stop fighting for what you know is rightπŸ™‚

        Liked by 1 person

      • Kait, you know better than that.
        Are you back at the blogk at least part time?
        I hope so, you know that we are sitting right at 18,000 Followers now.
        OH, I got tp run and post the zucchinni, and I just got me a real good VPN.


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