Among the dead

among the dead

So the understanding being

that I don’t have to explain myself

that the sky is blue

and life is just because

Now the problem being

that I don’t understand what it is

when you say what you do

when you can’t do it

But the over-lying factor

is the way in which we move

among the dead, the living

dance alone

And I ask myself the question

which life do I fit best in

while you smoke that cigarette

with a flare

Β© Kait King, 2015

20 thoughts on “Among the dead

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  2. I hate that I smoke. It’s a terrible example for the kids, and I will freely admit, my parents smoked, I watched them, and now I smoke. I know I need to quit, but I also know that when I try to fix everything at once, nothing gets fixed. Did you smoke, Kait? Did you quit?

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    • I did and I have been free for about 7 years now… I know what you mean… Your state of mind, heart and soul has to be solid to let the habit go. I started smoking rollies and would snap bigger pieces off before I smoked it. So only smoking 3 quarter, then half n then a quarter and suddenly you can’t be bothered so much … Rolling a whole ciggie for like 3 puffs?? So it worked. I weaned myself off over around 6 months. It was a slow steady process but I got there. Healing first then habits πŸ˜€ you’re gonna rock this when you’re ready! Your kids will be super proud! ☺ Oh also, I told no one initially… πŸ˜‡

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