I’m tired of you

And you’re tired

of me too

We see it in

each other

and we know what

we must do

But who has

the bed?

There was only

ever one, not two

What about the

fridge? The stereo

and our cat, Moon?

How do you

separate seventeen years

of stuck together?

How do you split

a vow

that was s’posed to

be forever?

When seventeen years

is much too soonΒ© Kait King, 2016

35 thoughts on “StaleMate

  1. 35 years here. The feelings ebb and flow. For me that’s how all my my relationships go-except with my kids and grandkids. Wishing you a happy day.

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    • So true! I’m visiting my son and grandbabies in Sweden as we speak! (I’m from NZ) Travel back in November – will be a painfully heartbreaking departure. Worse than any marriage tbh! And happiness to you too, thank you!


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