I need one of those dogs

i need one of those dogs

Listening quietly

in the dawn

of the day

My mind

playing games

that my heart

won’t play

Watching us still

in the dark

of my mind

waiting for someone

I can’t seem to find

Holding this close

Not wanting to lose

Making the choice

and then having

to choose

As the falling rain

dampens my heart

I can’t seem to see

Was I blind

from the start?

ยฉ Kait King, 2015

17 thoughts on “I need one of those dogs

  1. Hello old friend, I’ve missed you these past few days. Haven’t seen anything new from anyone for a few days then suddenly there you were with a beautiful poem. Did you know I was missing you? Lost in fog and senses dulled? So glad you’re still writing and such wonderful verse. Love as always Kait xoxo

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