Another song for Jay

Jay in school (8yrs)

There’s a part of me

that will always go on

I’ve shared this with our Mother Earth

She called him my son

There’s nothing so wild

as the ride that we’re on

mother and child a bond

we hold on

And there you were

with paintbrush eyelashes

A baby blue blanket

and everything about you was so small

And here you are

with a shy tattoo on you

An eye, ear, lip piercing

And everything about you now is tall

There’s all of you

that makes me smile

When you hug me so big and

hang around for a while

There’s you and me and then

everybody else

I never knew that it would be you

to teach me about myself

© Kait King, 2015

I love you Jay 🙂 xxx

24 thoughts on “  Another song for Jay

  1. Love this. My kids are all out of home with their own families now. It happened in a whirlwind, baby to parent. Nothing makes me happier that they flew, I was thrilled for them but still the day was hard for me. But ,like your boy, they come home regularly. Enjoy your time with your boy home for the moment. 🙂

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  2. I never thought I would enjoy poetry until I stumbled upon your work. I love my boys…now grown…never see them enough…love when they come home!

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