No Way

No Way

There’s just no stopping

a speeding bullet

straight to the heart

With no clanking armour

or a bullet-proof vest

so it rips you apart

There’s just no way

to make it unscathed

through the day

with no love and no hope

no string to cling to

No reason to stay

Β© Kait King, 2015

28 thoughts on “No Way

  1. This is beautiful and so touching. When the hole is punched through your heart there always a part of it that remains-a scar, a memory, a permanent marker of what you’ve been through.

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  3. The greatest pain a human can endure is love. Love? You’ll wonder, how come something so wonderful can be painful? Well, I learnt that love is a wooden gun.
    You both hold one, pointing to each other’s hearts, and you’re free to shoot whenever you feel like. It’s just that the bullet is not made of lead or gunpowder, it’s made of memories that will be stuck in your head forever; whether it’s a picture, a smell, a swarovski glass figure, this particular object reminds you of a past that’s not your present anymore.
    That’s when the memory-bullet starts being effective; you wonder what could have happened, where you went wrong, what could have been done to avoid it, how is it possible that your most loved being has shot right through you when you trusted that person with all you had. Slowly, you build a bubble of what ifs, remember whens, I shouldn’t have, it’s my fault, it’s not my fault. And this bubble becomes the place where you’ll go to rest when you have nothing to do. In this bubble you will condemn yourself and your loved one, which is the reason why these bullets are so effective; you tear yourself apart and until you realize that, you won’t be able to fix yourself.
    There it is, the logic of the pain due to one way love. There really is no worst suffering than to love someone who once loved you back and now, suddenly, doesn’t anymore. Not because it is that tragic, but because you have to learn to forgive someone who was your everything for making you think you’re not good enough, for making you think you are not worthy, when, the truth is that whoever doesn’t love you doesn’t deserve you.

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  4. I had a hole through me that I could have flown the Space Shuttle through,
    I didn’t date for 7 years.
    I was trapped in a whirlwind for about 24 years.
    But those days are gone, and I thought forgotten….

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    • we never forget – we flow around things like a river, sometimes the water covers those rocks and smooths some of the edges off, other times the rock stays exposed and we just learn to flow around it hopefully…but it’s always there

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      • Kait, as I think on this now, an odd thought occurred to me:
        At some point in time, I learned to flow uphill.
        I’m not saying this is any kind of answer, it simply describes how I beat the odds and am still on this earth today.
        When a person stops moving forward, they start dying. I stopped moving forward for at least 7 years; then, at best, I moved forward 2 steps and back 1 for a very long time.
        There are, possibly, people that regenerate, like the mythical hydra, and totally heal.
        I have been happy for many years, although I live on a roller-coaster, with extreme highs and severe lows, but that is just life.

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      • That is profoundly true,Robert – I too spent time in a timeless place! A friend who lost her husband of 26 yrs said to me it was like she had been sleeping. It took her over ten years to be a part of the world again (only recently) but she is unfamiliar and timid of what is out there, in fact often doesn’t want to know….so I figure she’s in the two forward and one back stage! She is better than she was but like she says, she will never be who she was again. But you’re right – we cling on to the roller-coaster ride going up and down and around and around….and that is life…Blessings to you Robert – so glad you are teaching all who will listen to be better in spite of what has happened to them πŸ™‚

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      • Kait, I look back here now, over a year later, due to a like.
        I have one thing you really need to know: You are one heck of an empath, and I owe you more than you will ever know.
        Thank You Kait, for always being there,

        PS- I am just on a slight downhill right now….

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      • Oh Robert, thank you and I’m wishing you peace and joy over Christmas and every other day. I hope you are OK and can get through, take care and thank you for all of the work you do ☺


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