Daily grind of a good guy

Daily grind

I come home

the cat’s at my feet

kids are crying

but there’s nothing made to eat

It’s a hard day at work

with paper knee deep

and the heater’s broken

so I can’t get to sleep

Yet another day comes

we follow like sheep

I can’t find the faith

to make that big leap

I know I shouldn’t take it in

so very, very deep

But it seems to be sort of extra hard

when you aren’t someone who cheats

Β© Kait King, 2015

37 thoughts on “Daily grind of a good guy

  1. Just as your poem of today reminds US, I’m here to remind YOU that there are far more awakened, that are fighting the good fight for the freedom to be FREE2justB! So let’s keep shining that spectacular Light sister!

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  3. I have never seen this before….
    Once again I have that fluttering, lump in my stomach,
    that seems to be bothering me more and more,
    especially when I come to watch your ballgames,
    you think it has anything to do with the bat hitting me in the abdomen????

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      • Kait, yes I am a half-breed Comanche, and I also know that you have no doubt that I am 6′-6″ tall, but Kait I am tempted to lie about now….
        But I cannot, so…. Kait I don’t change clothes in a phone booth and Clark Kent isn’t my alias, so why would you think getting hit in the stomach with a bat wouldn’t hurt (ok, now you got me to laughing, I knew I should have lied)

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      • Oh no, what have I done now….
        I don’t suppose you would believe I was just joking, hahahaha, why that bat would be like a flea jumping on my super human…. oh what’s the use, and before you ask, NO, I DO NOT sleep with a superman night-light on.

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