The Unknown

The unknown

And confusion rages

like a winter storm

pushing through my

veins and there’s nothing

I can think

Although there is plenty

I could do

But the storm is

blinding and vicious

And I’m thinking of

my life

Like between a rock

and a hard place

And no, I’m not trapped

I’m not unhappy…

with right now

As the ever-bleeding

heart I’m eased

into the terror of

the unknown

It’s not a bad dream

If it was I wouldn’t know if

 I really want to wake up –

Does this just mean for me

that it’s time to face reality?

Β© Kait King, 2016

36 thoughts on “The Unknown

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  2. Personally speaking, your poems really make me read twice and sometimes thrice. And I do. Because if I don’t get the meaning of anything that I do, I can’t sleep properly, even if it is a poem. Keep making me read your poems multiple times. Ha. Love them. Cheers and live well.

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