A Lovers’ Note

Lovers Note

Hi babe

There you are lying –

fast asleep

You are softly snoring

and my heart still

misses a beat

As the love in me

is so great

there is nothing I need

to contemplate

This is how you are to me

in all your vulnerability

but you will always be safe with me

if you can love – it will set you free

© Kait King, 2015

90 thoughts on “A Lovers’ Note

  1. “Who is your father?” “My father-in-law is a horse,” said the rhinoceros.

    Your throat is yeast
    It cools my heart
    If only I could see you now
    Destroy my weakness

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  2. Kait ☺, I am book marking some of these I am so pleased to have met you. I rarely come across anyone that parallel’s my thinking so clearly. I do understand they can relate. Ok I will try a post on this site and you can leave a comment. A good honest comment. 😊 I still have not found you on Quora.

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    • Hi Denise 🙂, it’s been crazy since I got back. A sick chicken (she has no top beak😥), and Harry the cat had surgery to remove 2 teeth!!😯 I’ve not posted anything new for ages and need to get a bloody move on lol! Very pleased to have met you Denise, thanks for reaching out 🙂🙏🕊🌻


      • Kait, I have found you quite uplifting, a breath of fresh air for me to cross paths with you. I believe the universe placed our paths to cross. You know for yourself this doesn’t frequently happen. You even have me considering staying on this platform.
        This platform, I have never had a conversation or comment from anyone. Now 10 people liked my post! This is me private the name is the same because I still write and I believed people would see 2 plus 2 equals 4. Poor chicken! How does she eat?? Poor Harry, hopefully he is an indoor cat. Elderly? I love the way your words flow almost lyicly. But here you are back again. You’ll be awesome. 😊👍

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      • Wow! That’s awesome Denise! Yes, the Universe is a weird and wonderful thing, throwing people together…it’s amazing!
        Oh our Harry is ten and doing so well now, like a new cat! And our chook, Rebeakah or Beaky for short, is hand fed mash as she cannot peck. Thank you for all of your wonderful words! Peace, love and light to you 🙂🌻


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