I’m Tired

im tired

I’m tired

Tired of not

being included

in your future

Even though

we have a five

year past

I’m tired

of grieving for

my future

When all

you do is

grieve for

your past

It won’t last…

Kait King 2020

21 thoughts on “I’m Tired

  1. Wonderful piece. Btw as a newbie writer on wordpress may I know when you started to.. repost your old poems.. like when does that point comes..after a hundred posts? 200? Uh.. I am a little lost here.. I joined wp this feb. and have posted about 110 poems and short stories…

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    • Hey there – It seems that I didn’t reply to you, which is very weird as I liked your comment … I only noticed this due to someone below replying to it now. So firstly my absolute apology for not replying (not like me) and secondarily, there are no rules for posting. I have 450 pieces up and I also have a podcast and published work on Amazon and am trying to write a novel in-between and then there’s real life! No one can or wants (I would imagine), to read everything I’ve written at once so I repost all of the time. Sometimes life doesn’t afford me the luxury of writing all the time – or my brain! Look if people are responding and you are satisfied then you’re doing OK. No more pressure required in these times at least! Thanks so much for your comment and so sorry it fell through the WordPress cracks or my unobservant eye! Hope it’s all on track and you’ve found your way for sure now!😁🌻


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