Sweet Sugar Spike!

Sweet sugar spike

I am a chocolate addict

call me what you will

Mouth open wide

Chocolate pouring in

that’s how I’d get

my thrill

I am a sugar junkie

call it how you want

I order a starter to have


at the restaurant

Sweet tooth, sweet freak

call it what you like

but nothing makes me happier

than my sweet sugar


Β© Kait King, 2015

47 thoughts on “Sweet Sugar Spike!

  1. Chocolate isn’t my sugar spike, unless it’s white chocolate, I get my sugar fix with sweets and fruit. Caffeine has no effect so I add lots of brown sugar to make my coffee perfect. Still I love your imagery and you.

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  2. Incredible πŸ™‚
    Do u have two accounts lol, cuz ur following me but when I click on your name it goes on to another blogging thing where the blogs are different

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